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MilkLane aims to upgrade the dairy farming sector by introducing socially responsible best practices to ensure highest standards of food safety & improved livelihoods.
We do this by building an innovative technology enabled milk procurement platform in a modular and easily scalable fashion featuring modern collection, feed solutions, genetic improvement technologies and a support program for farmers. We are strongly engaged in building sustainable relationships with the farmer community to allow for systemic creation of social impact through best practice sharing and other services which enable farmers to become successful entrepreneurs.



Highest standards of quality testing to ensure safe milk



Holistic fodder and nutrition management solutions with interventions in breeding



Larger herd sizes, support finance systems and regular digital payments


Murugesh, Bulk Cooler Operator, S-Gollapalli Village, Kuppam, AP

Murugesh, Bulk Cooler Operator, S-Gollapalli Village, Kuppam, AP

With MilkLane coming into our village, we have gained confidence to lead our livelihoods through dairy with dignity of labour and without the need for migrating to cities. MilkLane empowered us to produce high quality milk while ensuring better health and hygiene of animals, increased herd size and improved productivity through supply of high quality cattle feed, cattle loans, advisory and services. My income has doubled within the last two years through running bulk milk cooler by aggregating 2000+ litres of milk daily from 130 farmers. I’ve personally stopped three families to migrate and helped them with cattle purchase and income generation through dairying. We are very thankful to MilkLane!

Srinivasulu, SIPU (Small Industrial Production Unit) Farmer, S-Gollapalli Village, Kuppam

Srinivasulu, SIPU (Small Industrial Production Unit) Farmer, S-Gollapalli Village, Kuppam

I have been able to pay half of my loan before time and I only see things getting better. My cows are healthier, giving more milk per day and I have a greater understanding of managing the milking cycle for my cows. With higher quality of AI (Artificial Insemination) from MilkLane, the pregnancy rates have increased, ensuring a regular and sustainable cash flow.

Satyavelu, Dairy farmer, Village: Gudlanayanapalli Near Kuppam

Satyavelu, Dairy farmer, Village: Gudlanayanapalli Near Kuppam

With MilkLane I now get a better price for the milk – Rs 28-30 per litre as against Rs 16-18 earlier – and more timely payments. Their system of issuing daily receipts / updates also makes it easier for me to reconcile the amount received in each cycle. I can now dream of sending my daughter for the Teachers Training course.

Laxmi Narayana, Dairy farmer, Village: Peddur Near Kuppam

Laxmi Narayana, Dairy farmer, Village: Peddur Near Kuppam

I learnt a lot after I began interacting with MilkLane. They explain things very well. Now I understand how price is related to quality, and I realize that it depends upon constituents such as fat and SNF (solids-not-fat). I have already suggested to my relatives that they should join the MilkLane network

Anantha Sayanam, Dairy farmer, Village: Kamthamuru Near Kuppam

Anantha Sayanam, Dairy farmer, Village: Kamthamuru Near Kuppam

Earlier we just did what everyone else was doing without knowing its impact. Now MilkLane’s field supervisors give a lot of practical tips. I realized it is more hygienic to use steel cans instead of plastics, and that a good quality feed can boost the productivity of the cattle. Next year, maybe I can even purchase another cow!


MilkLane is committed to improve producer livelihoods and rural communities and deliver safe and healthy milk to industrial clients and consumers.


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